How to Choose Jewellery According to Your Hair Colour

A woman’s wardrobe would be incomplete without jewellery; it is a representation of a woman’s femininity, beauty, and elegance. In order for a woman to feel more confident, she must wear jewellery that properly compliments her physical attributes. If you’re unsure about how to get jewellery that compliments your hair colour, keep reading because we’re going to provide you with some general guidelines.

Before you begin, you must decide if you want to seem basic or elegant, attention-grabbing or understated but yet gorgeous. The colour of your hair should serve as a starting point for selecting your jewellery, so start there.

There are two primary colours used in jewellery: gold and silver. To determine which one you belong to, there are specific characteristics that represent your personality, such as your warm, cool, or neutral harmony type.

Warm harmony women like gold-colored jewellery, whilst cold harmony women prefer silver-colored jewellery; on the other hand, a person in the middle of the two (neutral) harmony types may wear both without any problem.

The right jewellery to compliment your unique hair colour and skin tone

A woman’s mantle, they say, is her hair, thus it’s crucial to make sure that all of her accessories match the colour of her hair, no matter how long or short it is. Below, we’ll look at four different varieties of hair.

Hair that is either black colour or brown in colour.

If you’re looking for jewellery that goes well with this type of hair, you’ll want to stick to silver, white gold and steel. You can also use precious stones like rubies and diamonds, but if you’re looking for a colour that goes well with this type of hair, you’ll want to stick to carmel red, purple or bottle green stones.

If you have dark complexion and black hair, wear coloured earrings.

As long as you know how to combine it, any combination is OK, but because not everyone is capable of doing so, if we don’t want to risk making errors, we should go with a colour range that seeks balance.

Consider a colour in stark contrast to the “total black” if you’ve selected a black dress, such as a bright red, yellow, or orange, to provide a burst of life and energy. You can never go wrong with some raspberry agate, aventurine or amazonite jewellery.

If, on the other hand, the goal is to keep a low profile but yet looking exquisite and striking, rutilated quartz, moonstone, or amethyst jewellery is the way to go. If you want to go with the most conventional but foolproof combo, go with white mother-of-pearl earrings. You won’t go wrong and will be the focus of attention.

Earrings or necklaces adorned with black stone?

This time around, we’re focusing on rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces since they’re the gems that are closest to the face and therefore the ones that we’re most concerned about.

Women with dark complexion and brown or black hair hate wearing onyx, smokey quartz, or any other dark-colored stone earrings because they believe they blend in. In certain cases, though, these hues will be necessary to make a great costume that will boost your own style.

What better way to complement your hair colour than gorgeous natural stone jewellery if you’re wearing a colourful dress and don’t want to wear standard diamond earrings? You don’t need every piece of jewellery to match perfectly, but it’s crucial to establish a delicate balance for a polished ensemble.

Depending on your neckline and the level of elegance you want to display, you may wear black earrings with a touch of colour from your outfit and pair them with a bracelet and ring. When it comes to determining your own style, jewellery, cosmetics, and accessories are the most important factors.

If you have a lot of hair, black earrings are your best option.

When worn with the hair in a bun or ponytail, the earrings take centre stage and perfectly complement the hair’s hue, making them the epitome of elegance.

However, it is true that if you wear your hair down, they might be mistaken with it and don’t stand out as much as they could. Earrings with dark-colored precious stones should be paired with gold or silver settings or include colourless quartz, white mother-of-pearl and/or moonstone in order to lighten the weight of the earrings. If they are able to move, then they are certain to succeed.

Jewelleries for fair undertone and dark hair colour combination

If you have light brown or blonde hair and pale complexion, any dark stone jewellery will look great on you since it will stand out so much. When wearing a black dress, you can’t go wrong with jewellery in the same colour as the dress, but you’ll also like any crystalline or transparent stone, such as colourless quartz or green amethyst. Silver-colored jewellery should be used with this sort of hair as well as dark hair. Beige, navy blue, and pastel hues are the greatest neutrals to pair together. As a result, white gold and steel are also popular choices for those with blonde hair, but we can’t ignore black since it brings out the best in the blonde. Red, watermelon, or raspberry gemstones may also be used for this sort of hair.

Accessories to match hair shade.

Many hair accessories are available, including scarves, caps, hats, headbands, ribbons, and more. Because of this, you must also consider the colour of your hair decoration.

As an example, you can’t wear a black scarf with dark hair; instead, a lemon yellow or pink scarf would look great with silver jewellery. Similarly, if your hair is blonde, a chocolate-colored hat would look great with your outfit. If you have brown hair, a bright orange headband will draw attention to it. Your hair colour is an important consideration when selecting any form of accessory.

Regardless of your own style, attitude, or physical attributes, the most essential thing is that you feel confident about the accessories you’ve selected to wear with your hair.

A variety of gemstones that may match any skin or hair colour

Colour preferences abound, but there are a select few that go well with any woman’s own style, regardless of skin tone or hair colour.

Women who don’t want to take any chances and want jewellery that can be worn with anything at any time and provide failsafe results like the safe choices of colourless, pink, or rutilated quartz, amethyst, prehnite, or green aventurine, amazonite, or mother-of-pearl in any shade.


It’s okay if your hair colour doesn’t fit any of the categories listed above; if your hair is blue, orange, red, or any other colour that isn’t black or silver, you should wear neutral coloured jewellery to balance out your hair colour. Keep in mind, though, your hair is the starting point for picking jewellery and other accessories, so don’t be afraid to play around with various hues!