School’s Out! 12 Graduation Gifts for Your Exceptional Student

Earning a degree, whether it’s high school, college or post graduate, isn’t easy.  It requires years of dedication and hard work, and often a feeling that you’d never get to the light at the end of the tunnel. Now there’s simply no way around it! Your exceptional student has made it to graduation and you could not be prouder of them. All of their hours of intense study have finally paid off. So, what do you set out to get the student who has come so far? Below are many different thoughtful possibilities.

  • Monogrammed Laundry Bag. It doesn’t matter if they’re going away to college or staying local, there is bound to be some confusion over laundry! This personalized laundry bag on Etsy is available in black or natural, with the availability of a range of circle-font embroidery to use for the monogram. It’s large enough to hold a load or two of laundry and better yet, it will keep their dirty clothes off of the floor.
  • Visa Gift Card. Now that your graduate is ready to head out into the world on their own, why not give them a Visa Gift Card for them to use virtually wherever they please. They’ll love being able to spend it on what they desire, and you can customize the card with a special photo and congratulatory text to make it extra special!
  • Kodak Instant Print Camera. Even though they’re almost all grown up, this gift will bring out the child in them! This Kodak camera captures vibrant prints that can be instantly printed into 2”x3” photos. There is no ink or toners involved, just Zink Photo Paper, and the prints are even smudge-free, tear resistance and water-resistant. The camera is a fun retro/modern design that reminds us that sometimes, printing photos is better for putting up on office and bedroom walls because, guess what, each photo has a sticky back so they don’t have to hide in an album somewhere!
  • MantraBand Bracelet. This metal band is the perfect accompaniment to any achievement. Select from a variety of mantras including “I Love You to the Moon and Back,” “Keep Moving Forward,” and “She Believed She Could, So She Did.” Each is crafted of Stainless Steel and is dipped in 18K gold. There is also a lifetime warranty against breakage. The message is a wonderful message of inspiration that your graduate will love to wear every day.
  • Travel Cord Roll. If there’s anyone who is ‘plugged in’ it’s your graduate. Generation Z grew up on technology, and they’re likely to have an assortment of gadgets that need cords. Now they won’t have to worry about where they all are! It’s a perfect size to fit into a weekender bag or backpack, and holds any type of cord they require to stay connected.
  • What Do You Meme? Game. This game can be played with between 3 and 20 players. Chances are good they’ve made their own memes in the past, and with this game they can compete to create the funniest! It is designed for players 17 and over, each round’s winner is determined by a rotating judge. With 75 photo cards and 360 caption cards, this game is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.
  • Soda Stream. Help your graduate save hundreds of dollars in plastic bottles by getting them Soda Stream. They’ll be able to make their own sparkling water and soda in virtually any flavor they desire. The end result is cleaner, fresher, and a hundred times more refreshing than store-bought soda!
  • Essential Oil Diffuser. The beauty of essential oil diffusers is that they’re a treat not only for the nose, but for the eyes as well. Choose from a diffuser that coordinates with their décor and their personality, along with a variety of oils to elicit relaxation, invigoration or to mask odors like cigarette smoke and pets and even to lift feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • An Electric Bike. Outfitted with a motor and a battery, an electric bike saves money on gas, and encourages fitness while leaving a smaller carbon footprint, something your graduate will appreciate. A delightful ride that will allow your grad to bike to school or work or just for fun!
  • An Ergonomic Office Chair. The Branch Ergonomic Chair is one of the best in the biz; it comes with a bunch of adjustments so your grad can sit at their desk comfortably. They’ll breathe easy knowing they are doing their best to avoid back, neck, and leg misalignments that come from hours of sitting.

When it’s time for graduation, let your star student know just how much you love and admire their achievement with a gift that suits them now, and into their bright future!