A comparison between silicon and leather cases: which one serves well as a phone case?


Leather cases and silicon cases are tough competitors in phone cases and covers. So, the customers often face a dilemma between deciding which one will suit their necessity the best. However, both of the cases offer phone protection, but it varies to what extent. 

So, this article will help you understand which one of the phone cases will be more durable and a better option for your phone. 

The variations are based on accessibility, durability, quality, slimness, and sleekness. 


Phone cases made from authentic leather appear sleeker than their silicon counterpart. They are softer in touch, but the grip is not as strong as the silicon ones. ‘

On the other hand, the silicon phone cases are not that much smooth as their leather counterparts. They possess a slippery and a rubbery feeling. However, that leads to a better grip, unlike the leather cases. Thus, if you have a silicone phone case, the chances of your phone slipping from the hand are also very slim. You can click here for leather phone cases in Australia


Even if the leather cases are more attractive than silicon cases, did you know they are also heavier and difficult to carry? For instance, if you use a leather case for an iPhone, the weight increases. Hence, you might face a problem with pressing the power buttons of the phone. Thus, being bulkier, the leather cases have the tenacity to distort the original phone look. 


This is one of the most important parameters of comparison between leather cases and silicon cases. The phone case itself protects the phone from getting scratches and cracks. To do so, the case should itself be resistant to those loopholes and be more durable. 

The leather cases have a history of lasting longer than silicon ones, which have longer longevity than plastic ones. 

If the silicon case gets any scratches, it will elongate over time due to silicon’s very elemental chemical nature. 

Thus, leather slips out as the better option than the silicon ones. In the case of the leather covers, the only disadvantage is that they need special care. Leather cases are not water, heat, and dust resistant. Hence, you should provide the leather case extra maintenance to prevent I from getting damaged. But, if you can manage extra maintenance, go for the leather cases.


As far as accessibility is concerned, silicon is better than leather ones. You don’t need to open the case or flip it to use your phone. This is the case with leather cases because they are either of the wallet or the flip case type. 


Another important dimension of comparison is protection. Both silicon and leather offer protection but none of them will give a shield to major problems. 


Leather cases are the ones to win this challenge because they don’t break or bend owing to the hard material. The rubbery materials of silicon make them weak. 

Final Thoughts

So, based on these attributes, you can start selecting your phone cases. Spend a little time and pick up the case which you find the best.