The best thing about hats is that they are functional and stylish. You can wear a hat to protect your face against harmful sun rays or complete your outfit and step out in style. But with so many hats and caps in the fashion market, styling one can be challenging, especially if you are not used to wearing hats. There is a way you can wear a hat and look sophisticated, but still, you can wear one and look odd or funny. But worry not because here are some hat styling tips to help you.

Find a hat that complements the shape of your face

No matter how stylish your friend looks in a specific cap, it may not look the same on you. Why? Because facial features and structure differ. Your head structure and facial features determine how a specific hat style looks, which explains why some hats make you look good while others don’t.

Not all hats are made equal, so it is best to try on different hats until you find one that suits your face best, depending on your natural proportions. Remember that a hat draws the most attention since it naturally sits close to your face. It is easier to choose one if you know your hat size well.

Ensure it complements your skin tone

Hats come in different color schemes to choose the needs of different buyers. Although a particular color may draw your attention, it is advisable to consider your skin tone when choosing a hat. Ensure you pick a hue that harmonizes well with your skin tone.

If you have a light or pale skin tone, darker-colored hats like black, brown, gray, and navy blue are suitable. If you have a darker skin tone, you can wear any you like as long as there is a contrast between the hat and your skin tone. However, the color comes down to your personal preference. You can try burgundy or dark green for a more adventurous look.

The hat color should complement your outfit.

Your choice of hat color should harmonize with your outfit. For instance, a brown hat would be ideal if your outfit features blues and browns. Although blue can still work, it is more daring. If you wear an outfit with many grays, a gray hat would be ideal. A black hat mainly pairs well with formal outfits. Generally, ensure that your hat color doesn’t overpower the rest of your outfit, or it will look out of place.

Consider the weather

When choosing a hat to complete your outfit, you should also consider the weather. Remember that a hat isn’t worn only for stylish reasons but also for functional ones like sun protection. For instance, snapback hats come in handy during the hot weather since they are adjustable to suit your comfort levels when it gets so hot. Hats that keep your eyes from getting wet when you have forgotten your umbrella are preferable during the winter or rainy season.

The endnote

Be mindful of your overall look when wearing a hat to complete your outfit. You can experiment with different hat styles to find the best look.