Women’s Fashion Fedora’s-What You Should Know

Fedoras are favorite headpieces among men and women. They have been in existence for decades and are a hit among people who fancy exquisite headgear. If you’re familiar with famous pop stars like Michael Jackson, you might have seen him perform with a felt fedora. The hat is a staple fashion element among celebrities and is a timeless fashion trend. Fedoras are trendy among women, and you’ll get them in various styles and colors.

The history of the fedora

Fedora became popular in the 1980s, but its existence dates back to the 1920s. Its use among celebrities was noted in the 1920s. For instance, the style was seen in music stars like Humprey Bogart and Gangster AI Capone. In the 1950s, fedoras were reported to create an iconic symbol among football coaches Paul Bear Bryant and Tom Laundry. It didn’t end there, though! The fedora hat resurfaced in the ’70s and ’80s and various chic designs. The hats have evolved to include distinct patterns, styles, brim sizes, and other unique features.

What are the popular fedora styles for women?

Fedoras are must-have fashion staples among women, and you’ll notice them among the young and the old. The best fedora for women is the wide-brimmed hat, but you’ll get many other styles in the market. Your choices are endless with women’s fedoras, and you can choose between;

  • Shot brimmed fedora
  • Medium brimmed fedoras 
  • Wide-brimmed fedoras

The favorites include; Reno, Jo Rancher, Ella, Helena, and Venice.

How can I wear a fedora hat?

A fedora is an all-season hat, and you can style it in various ways. The wide-brimmed fedora is all you need if you’re seeking enhanced protection from the sun’s rays. Choose an identifiable indented crown and highlight it with a ribbon. Go for neutral colors like black, grey, ivory, or tan to achieve a classic look. However, pick brighter hues and patterns to stand out from the crowd. Depending on your outfit, these may range from red, purples, orange, green, and yellow. 

Still, wondering how to wear your hat? Think of your hairstyle too. Let your hair roll down, go for side braids and avoid buns. Your hair will look chic, flowing on the sides. Also, you can go for short pixie cuts or curls- the choice is all yours.

Should I choose a short or wide brim?

You’ll get fedoras in both wide and short brims. Wide-brimmed fedoras measure over three inches and will shield your head and face from harsh weather. They come in flattering shapes and are very functional. Short brim fedoras are also common but shouldn’t be smaller than 11/2 inches. Otherwise, you’ll be getting into the trilby designs.

The floppy fedora is yet another popular style. It’s a more structured brim and will offer that easy-going and relaxed vibe. You can dress it up and down but should pick colors to compliment your outfit and skin tone.

Final thoughts

 Women’s fedoras are must-have accessories in your closet. Many styles are available, and it’s easy to find the right match for your outfit and taste. If you’re seeking to make a statement with a beautiful hat, grab a fedora from leading stores online.